World War One Illustrated magazine backstory

By Dana Lombardy. In late 2013, I proposed World War One Illustrated (WWOI) magazine as a proof of concept for the nonprofit World War One Historical Association. As a permanent member of the board of directors of WW1HA, I was aware of the organization’s need for a new publication as it entered the 100th anniversary years commemorating WW1 – known then as the Great War (1914-1918).

I wanted WWOI to appeal to a broader audience than just people who already had an interest in WW1. This included wargamers, like me, and a graphic-intense design that included color maps and color illustrations.

I also felt that WWOI provided an opportunity to present the most recent scholarship, with comparative charts and diagrams called “sidebars” in the page layouts. I’m a data and statistics “geek” and trust numbers more than the opinions of historians who may have agendas for promoting or disparaging leaders or weapons or strategies. As publisher and senior editor of WWOI, I collected and assembled articles, images, and information for each issue to make the magazine something that I wanted to read.

I published issues 1 through 9 from 2013-2018. Number 7 was a special WW1 book issue with reviews of more than 100 books released between 2017-2018.

I am currently assembling the next book review issue, renamed the Tomlinson Prize Review of World War One Books. It will include books published from 2018, 2019, and some released earlier this year. (I sit on the judging committee for the Norman B. Tomlinson Prize, awarded annually by the World War One Historical Association to the best English-language book(s) on World War One. This award was first presented in 1999. You can see the Tomlinson Prize winners here.)

I am very pleased with the critical acclaim received by the magazine, and with the positive feedback on the four mini-games games I designed that were published with the first four issues of World War One Illustrated.

As a wargame designer, I firmly believe that games enable us to explore history, especially alternate history. Games can also be valuable tools for teaching. I was incredibly gratified that my Russia’s Great War: 1914 received a 2019 bronze level prize from the International Serious Play Awards in the Educational Board Game category.

All of these minigames were designed for solitaire and 2-players. The large 1-inch square markers were perforated so they could be easily separated. The game board, markers, and rules were printed in a 4-page stiff cardstock folder. Additional rules for #2 and a historical guide and game tutorial for #4 were also provided. You supply the six-sided dice needed.

All the minigames that appeared in WWOI, can be purchased through the LOMBARDY STUDIOS shop.

World War One Illustrated Number 1
FEATURED GAME Zeppelin Raider – A quick-playing, three-turn game that uses no dice as the British pilot tries to destroy the mammoth airship.

World War One Illustrated Number 2
FEATURED GAME Assassination in Sarajevo – The 2-step play starts with the 1914 assassination attempt that even if unsuccessful or partially successful may or may not lead to war.

World War One Illustrated Number 3
FEATURED GAME On to Paris! – The two German armies on the far right of the 1914 invasion of France try to quickly overcome the French armies and British Expeditionary Force.

World War One Illustrated Number 4
FEATURED GAME Russia’s Great War – The outnumbered German 8th Army tries to stop two invading Russian armies in the 1914 Tannenberg campaign. 2019 AWARD WINNER.

It was not possible to continue producing a game for every issue of WWOI. However, I am developing more minigames for WW1 and other historical eras using the unique magazine insert format created for WWOI. Sign up here for updates in that will appear in my blog.

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