The Colors of Napoleon’s Army 1807-1815 painting guide

The Colors of Napoleon’s Army 1807-1815

The goal of this four-page painting guide was to authenticate the color Imperial Blue used on all French infantry and artillery uniforms. Thanks to the assistance of the Musée de l’Emperi in Salon-de-Provence, France, and private collector Jean Brunon, we had the opportunity of handling First Empire uniforms. These were checked against cloth samples in other museums and institutions to provide cross-references.

We do not claim that the colors presented are the only “true” colors worn by Napoleon’s soldiers. However, we made a concerted effort to obtain or examine the best existing samples of First Empire uniforms and nearly all of our visual color matches were made using interior surfaces of garments, behind linings, where colors were most likely to remain consistent over the past 200 years.

The printer used actual samples of cloth to match the colors presented in this painting guide.

The Colors of Napoleon’s Army 1807-1815 painting guide is available for purchase in our Shop.

Waterloo Commemorative Items

Dana Lombardy and John Redmann, using the splendid portraits created by game Industry Hall of Fame graphic artist Rodger MacGowan, designed the following Waterloo commemorative bookmark and coasters. Available for purchase from our Shop.

Battle of Waterloo Bookmark

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Bookmark front

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Battle of Waterloo 4-Coaster Set

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One coaster each: all three generals, Napoleon, Wellington, and Blücher

Napoleon magazine – Napoleon Journal

Why two names?

Why Napoleon magazine and Napoleon Journal? It’s more than a case of tomAtotomAHto.

Napoleon: His Life, His Wars, His World magazine evolved from a club-like ’zine called Empires, Eagles and Lions started by Jean Lochet in 1976. In 1994 Dana Lombardy took over as publisher, and two years later the name changed to Napoleon: His Life, His Wars, His World magazine as part of a complete layout overhaul. Following additional upgrades (more pages, perfect binding) the name changed again to Napoleon Journal: International Journal of the French Revolution and Age of Napoleon. Click on the link to read the Backstory on Napoleon Journal.

A sample article – Hougoumont

Own all 17 issues as searchable PDFs on a DVD in a protective sleeve!

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  • Over 1,200 pages of information on Napoleon, his wars, and his world, enhanced by clear, colorful, easy-to-understand graphics
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To see all 17 issues’ covers plus table of contents and sample pages from each, visit LOMBARDY STUDIOS’s affiliate site, where you can also read a brief biography, Why Napoleon?

A limited number of printed copies of these back issues are still available. Contact for the current list and prices.

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‘Napoleon’s Last Army’ update

Napoleon’s Last Army Multi-Volume Series Cancelled. Two New Books in Production

Lombardy Studios announces that the series of books first mentioned in 2015 under the name Napoleon’s Last Army is officially cancelled. Instead, two exciting new publications centered on Napoleon’s Hundred Days reign are now well underway.

Two New Books on Napoleon’s Armies Scheduled for 2021–2022

1983 edition of Scott Bowden’s ‘Armies at Waterloo’

The first, an elegant one-volume second edition of the famous Armies at Waterloo first published in 1983 by award-winning historian and author Scott Bowden is scheduled for release in late 2021. The greatly expanded second edition includes additional research developed over the past 37 years, with fresh detailed analysis of the 1815 Waterloo campaign and battle, beautifully illustrated with a number of color images, newly commissioned color maps, and previously unpublished paintings by renowned historical artist Keith Rocco.

The second book is a completely new one-volume work titled, Napoleon’s Last Armies: A Detailed Analysis of the Organization and Composition of the 1815 French Imperial Armies, that will follow in 2022. This original work by Scott Bowden will present and examine the archival records of the last Imperial armies fielded during the Hundred Days, including the complete story of the armies that were des Alpes, du Jura, de la Loire, de la Moselle, du Nord, des Pyrénées, du Rhin and du Var.

Stunning new original maps, full-color images, artwork and more will enhance this Herculean effort.

More details concerning these two landmark projects will be shared on the Lombardy Studios Facebook page and

Read Scott’s first blog entry detailing what will be different and exciting about the second edition of Armies at Waterloo here.